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We are a small health food store that prides itself on providing our customers with nutritional and supplemental expertise. We truly care about the health of our community and work diligently to provide the stepping stones to a happier, healthier lifestyle. We offer many products and services but our highly educated staff and specialized product lines are what set us apart. We truly LOVE helping you achieve your health goals!

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Meet our staff: 

Jo-Lynn Knapp HNC Holistic Nutrition Consultant

I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2007 and went on to follow my dream of owning my own health food store. I have always wanted to provide a safe and confidential space to people who are seeking out more natural ways to enhance their health. I have worked in the natural health industry for 11 years and I can honestly say I LOVE my job! I am always taking extra courses to further my education in this area and to provide my customers with the best, most innovative solutions to their health issues.  


Aleah Knapp: Dr.Ac, TCMD, Herbal Practitioner


I have worked for Simply Food For Thought for the past 8 years and I have learned a lot in my time here. It has largely influenced who I am and my decisions about what I want to do for a career. I started my natural learning journey when I was 17 and took an aromatherapy class. Then I moved to a homotoxicology course that taught me all about homeopathics and their amazing abilities. After that I did a year of studies in western herbology where I was introduced to the fascinating world of herbal medicine. And finally I completed my 4 year Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine course with 1000 hour practicum and am a fully lisenced Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. I am thrilled to be able to operate my business "Ascension Acupuncture" our of our little shop! Check out Ascension Ascupuncture on facebook for more info or to book an appt online! 

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